Leanna Humphrey


Virginia Tech, School of Architecture & Design
Bachelor of Architecture, 2015

Leanna is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech’s high ranking Architecture program, where she developed her thesis focusing on the inhabitation of space and scenographic architecture. Her work draws heavily from literature and philosophy to respect the human condition as a force for design. She was a finalist for the Pella Prize Thesis Award of her year.

In early 2016, Leanna took part in Chicago’s renewed Archeworks program, earning a post-grad certificate in Public Interest Design for her team’s research into material waste from the current construction/demolition process.

Most of her personal and academic work is drawn by hand, and she values sketching as a process for thinking. During her time at school, she participated in a Europe travel program with an intense focus on drawing. She has since similarly documented many personal travels to places such as Singapore and New Zealand. Nowadays, she enjoys traveling and sketching locally around Chicago, such as at the Botanic Garden.

She is currently an intern architect for von Weise Associates working towards licensure, and also works as a TA for Virginia Tech’s Chicago Studio program led by Chip von Weise.