Cards Against Humanity New Headquarters

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von Weise Associates is excited to be designing the corporate office (warehouse) for the octet of mid-twenty year old masterminds behind “Cards Against Humanity.” The ingenious inventors will now be able to work in a comfortable office that promotes progress and shrewdness via wittiness, just in time for their busy holiday season.

Moving from a cramped space to an abundant 12,000 square foot office will allow for increased employee comfort, satisfaction, and therefore production will naturally follow. Shifting from an office where 15 people shared 10 desks to a warehouse with the capability of housing between 30 and 60 desks, each inventor will have the perfect blend between privacy and public exposure. Seeing as the game’s nickname is “A party game for horrible people,” each writer needs their fair share of privacy because we don’t want to know what they are truly looking at behind closed doors.

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