Michael Prohov

In his professional career as an architect, Michael Prohov has undertaken a number of roles in the design and construction industry. His work as an owner’s representative, general contractor, developer, and property manager, as well as a practicing licensed architect and project manager, has given him hands-on experience and unique insight into the dynamics of project stakeholders. With this experience, he seeks to maintain project momentum during the process and assure quality in the final spaces that are delivered.

He studied abroad with the University of Illinois in Versailles and later went on to the University of Oregon in Portland for graduate studies where he focused on innovative municipal infrastructure, sustainable urban landscapes, and real estate.

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University of Oregon
Master in Architecture, 2012

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, 2007

About Michael

On weekends you can find Michael playing with his son in Lincoln Park, making coffee, reading the paper, cooking for his family, and enjoying a wide variety of books and music. He also volunteers for his condo association by directing capital projects to maintain the vintage high-rise building.