Natalie Pastor

Natalie is the office administrator and building manager at von Weise Associates and is celebrating a dozen years with the firm this autumn! Recently, she has also taken on the role as the firm's marketing coordinator.

Each day is a little bit different, but typically she can be found brewing up a cup of tea, organizing all manner of odds & ends, ensuring there is an ample supply of caffeine/chocolate, and gently persuading the machines to take care of everything for us ; )

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric: Creative Writing, 2010
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, 2010
Minor: Cinema Studies, 2010

About Natalie

In the other hours Natalie spends time with her family in the Midwest wandering through woods or Chicago neighborhoods, writes short stories, drinks lots of tea, geeks out watching anime or stop-motion animation, and practices speaking Spanish and Turkish with friends and strangers.