2022 Oct 19
Teaching News

Chicago Studio Fall 2022 Midterm Review

At the Chicago Studio Fall 2022 midterm review, students presented their work to host firm participants, mentors, and guest critics. Please see selected project work from each group.

In collaboration with the Chicago Department of Planning and the Chicago Philharmonic, students have developed a conceptual site that includes rehearsal and performance spaces, community cafes and outdoor spaces and a multitude of affordable housing units.

Chicago Studio is a development course in which students are involved in three critical points of learning: an integrated design studio, a building technology seminar and a professional practice seminar. This distinct curriculum conveys the reality of the profession and role of the architect through individual, small group, and large group work providing insight into everything from standard drawing notions to electrical and plumbing systems to client communications.

1 Rossi Yeshcheulov midterm presentation1024 28Group 1 - Tucker Rossi and Konstantin Yeshcheulov: A combination of hand drawn and digital, this proposal incorporates the best of both worlds into an aesthetic and ambitious concept, highlighting their design process through a series of developmental renderings.
1 Nathan Kazuki MIDTERM PRESENTATION1024 22Group 2 - Nathan Brannon and Kazuki Mitsunaga: visually appealing computer-aided drawings not only break down the various aspects of their proposal, but also demonstrate how it would reshape the adjacent street, improving upon local transportation.
1 Bella Holly Midterm1024 22Group 3 - Isabella Sakolish and Holly McNeilly: utilizing a plethora of organic shapes across a multitude of layers creates a free-flowing structure that effectively connects the building to nature.
1 LINDSY IAN MIDTERM1024 32Group 4 - Lindsy Custer and Ian Bell: the design focuses on object-field relationships to develop a fluid unifying structure that folds to form roofs, walls, and balconies. Drawings show a series of individual events culminating to form the whole.
1 Midterm Edward and Hao 11024 12Group 5 - Edward Hu and Hao Yan: the exterior façade responds to the neighborhood’s existing architecture; their concept blends in smoothly while simultaneously creating a pocket of organic curvature and central courtyard spaces.
1 CONCEPT PRESENTATION1024 28Group 6 - Jack O'Connor and Seth Tucker: the design establishes autonomy in form and programming using concepts of rhythm, scale, and proportion. Their broader concept is to define a landmark that can initiate community development and create a cultural incubator.
1 Alonzo Stanzin Midterm Presentation Page 20Group 7 - Alonzo Colon and Stanzin Namgyal: a 3D rendering of the proposed concept in section view. Color-organized diagrams provide an easy to understand breakdown of their proposal.