"The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual, [and] the impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community." –William James

As a civil rights law firm engaged in workplace discrimination litigation, our client works to balance the rights of the individual against the rights of the larger community. Layers of wood, stone, glass, and fabric were added to the fitplan to create an experience ascribing to both the individual and the collective. In particular, we found letters from clients and used these to create a privacy screen at the office that utilizes a figure-ground pattern to help separate the individual lawyers from the public corridor in a way that still allows for limited visual engagement. This film is a great metaphor for who they are and what they do, both in the content of the letters as well as the multiplicity of experience utilizing the singular form. The design for the 7,500 sf office created a warm, inviting space while communicating the firm’s success and identity.

Colored SketchConcept Diagram
Office ElevationOffice Elevation Drawing
Untitled 2Cups Tara Donovan
Galerieperrotinworks12Cement Truck Wim Delvoye

Techniques such as carving, layering, transparency, and figure ground explored ways that the spatial experience could be based on the tension between the individual and the collective.

1006 Stowell Friedman Case Study Update 6Architectural Tools
1006 Stowell Friedman Case Study Update 7Diagramming
Stowell Friedman Glazing Film1Glazing Film
Sf Glass Scrim DetailGlass Detail Michelle Litvin
Sf Glass ScrimGlass Detail Michelle Litvin
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