Designed to house students of a small fine arts college in downtown Chicago, the Buckingham embodies the essence of creative urban living while maintaining the formal comfort of a dormitory.

Our interior design was driven by a respect for the historic Holabird and Root structure, built in the 1920s and still retaining much of its art deco roots. We strove to create a large dormitory that preserved the sense of individuality in its creative student body. Using lowered ceiling planes and groups of pendant lights we broke up large, characterless spaces and gave them focus, and introduced a color palette that gave identity to individual dorm apartments while unifying them within the dormitory at large. Student lounge spaces were designed to evoke the feeling of luxurious metro living and provide a variety of mixed uses within large single spaces. Total cost of construction including furniture, fixtures and equiptment was $38 million.

1116 RevExterior Elevation